La Jolla Assisted Living & Senior Care

Individual approach in a home setting

We take pride in providing individual care that includes among other activities the following: personal hygiene & dressing, professional medication management, dietary management with gourmet meals, indoor/outdoor activity programs, music & reading, exercise/stretching, based on interests, therapies and dementia management.

Nutrition program

Our resident nutrition program is tailored to the individual needs of our guests and recommendations of their physician. We have qualified personnel that has educational experience in preparing a nutritious and balanced diet.

La Jolla Senior Care Services

  • Personal hygiene and dressing
  • Professional medication management
  • Dietary management with gourmet meals
  • Indoor/outdoor activities
  • Exercise/stretching and therapies
  • Dementia management
  • Mobile podiatrist
  • Mobile dentist
  • Mobile nursing care
  • On-call doctor
  • 24/7 delivery of prescription medicines
  • Staff member awake through the night